Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BSJ-Progressing Very Slowly

I know that a lot of people are working on their second or even their third Baby Surprise Jacket aka BSJ by now, but I've made very little progress on mine since reaching the 90 sts. mark. Oh, it's not for the not wanting to work on it, it's just that life has gotten so busy at the time. There have even been days and nights where there has been no knitting at all. Shocking isn't it?

I even had grandiose ideas of finishing a white cardigan for myself, but it has been sitting in a bag all neglected. Then, there are socks that need mates and let's not forget the Rapunzel sock that had been frogged and started over. I had gotten as far as the heel flap on 1 sock, then I began the BSJ.

Foot recuperation progress: Six weeks down and 4 more weeks to go before I should be completely recovered. At least now, I have a walking boot that I can take off and on so that I can sit in the shower and bathe. My DD wanted to know the first thing that I thought I would do once I was free from all the foot apparatus? Probably take a nice leisurely shower....standing up, then I'll probably go and get my hair cut. I got my hair cut real short just prior to having surgery, so I'll probably be needing my hair cut within the next few weeks. Then, I'll probably attend to some housework that needs MY attention. I know that everyone in the household have been trying to do their best, but some things just need to be done my way. Next, it'll be nice just to be able to walk around my neighborhood without being in acute pain...even if it's just to walk to the grocery store and back. I'll eventually make it back to my favorite craft stores and discount stores....then look out.

Maybe, I'll be able to squeeze in some knitting time after my sit-down shower.

My Fair Isle Hat (Selbu Modern)