Monday, December 07, 2009

Favorite Christmas Story Books for Children

Nothing new on the knitting scene, we've been too busy getting ready for Christmas. I came across some favorite books of my children when they were small.

When the kids were little, we wanted them to know that Christmas was the celebration of the Birth of the Son of God, so before going downstairs, we would all gather in my bedroom to read the Christmas story and a short prayer. Then....we'd go downstairs to open our gifts.

A couple of yrs. ago, I tried to change tradition by reading from the Bible since the kids were older.............the kids were upset. They still like their kid's books.


Joansie said...

I still remember my favorite Christmas books. As a child I was excited when my mother opened that box of Christmas items that were mine.

Sandy said...

Cute tradition, we always read the story from the Bible the night before when I was a kid; then my brothers and I would stand before the pretend fireplace and sing a Christmas Carole. Wonderful memories.

More people need to do things like this.

Please swing by and see my remembrance about the meaning of the Christmas Wreath, think you'll enjoy it.

Visiting everyone on my blog log today, taking a wee break from cleaning to say Merry Christmas.


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