Sunday, October 25, 2009

Still Knitting the Yellow & Black Baby Blanket

I'm still working on the Yellow (Gold) & Black Baby Blanket. (Please see previous post.) I made a batch of chili and threw it in the slow cooker, so that I could have a leisurely Sunday of knitting and watching the Steelers. I knitted and I knitted and I knitted. The progress is going so slow.

I'm really tempted to CO another pair of socks, but I've been thinking that if I really need a break from the baby blanket, maybe I should pick up and finish one of the many pairs of socks that I already have started.

Wish me luck.


Joansie said...

OMG, Deb, I'm laughing histerically. I have at least five socks waiting for a mate. Cast on, girl, cast on.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Hi, Deb. That's a beautiful blog header, by the way. Thanks for your comment. If you visit my blog much, you know that I'm pretty silly most of the time, but occasionally, I have to let the other side of my personality come through. I notice, though, that when I do post something serious or of a spiritual nature, the readers drop off--so I appreciate your affirmation. I'm glad the video touched you, too.

Sandy said...

Chili sounds sooooooo good right now. Hope you still have some, I'll be right over. lol

Doing some blog walking and made my way here from...shoot, can't remember where all I've been.


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