Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Using My Mom's DPNs

I visited with my Mom last week. I went with her to an appt. & then we visited our LYS. Mom was sort of over-whelmed by all the selections of new and different yarns. We didn't buy anything, a first for me, but my Mom wants to go back as soon as she figures out what she wants to knit.

Then, we went back to her place and I raided her stash of knitting needles. I wanted to take a short break from the yellow and black baby blanket and decided to pick up a sock in progress. These socks were being knitted on bamboo DPN's which was OK, but they have become warped. I think from just being used and from the heat from my hands. While rooting through my Mom's stuff, I spotted a set of Susan Bates aluminum needles. She used to knit gloves and she has oodles of them. Most of them had a price tag of 50 cents, 55 cents & 65 cents. Unfortunately, the set that I picked up doesn't have the price marked on them, the last set of bamboo DPN I bought were about $9.

My stitches just glide off the needles! It feels real good to be using the same needles as my Mom. The Cauchy socks from Cookie A's book, Sock Innovations.

I'm still tempted to CO something new. I have a doctor appt. this afternoon, so I just might CO for a square from this Afghan book. I just can't help myself. LOL!


Grandma Elsie said...

How Wonderful to be knitting with the same needles your Mom used.. It doesn't get any better than that.
please pray for me tomorrow. I get my second shot in my spine for arthritis and pray for my 2 granddaughter who the doctors say have the swine flu ..
thank you.
Elsie <><

Joansie said...

How great to be using your mom's needles. I have quite a few needles passed down to me from relatives and I cherish them.

The afghan is beautiful. You won't get bored having all those different squares.

Sandy said...

I love your beautiful ball header on your blog. It's perfect.

I've never used DPN's, though I think I bought some awhile back to try. Wonder...where I put them. lol

How cool to use your Mom's needles.


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