Friday, September 11, 2009

I Love Danielle Côté Dishcloths!

I love Danielle Côté Dishcloths ! I also could have entitled this post, The Dishcloths That My Mom Didn't Get. LOL! I love you, Mom!

I took a short break from knitting socks and knitted some dishcloths for fun. Danielle Côté Dishcloths are nice and easy. On these particular patterns, the odd rows are the pattern and the even rows are knit the stitches as they appear.




I really like all of these 3 patterns, but I really like how the designs are reversible and appear the same on either side of the cloth. I think that either Diagonal or Stairs would make a nice baby blanket. I used up almost all of this color yarn, too.

I saw my foot surgeon yesterday for a follow-up to the surgery that I had for a bunion on June 1st. I'm still having pain & swelling, so the doctor wants me to try an ankle stabilizer. It's sort of like a corset for the foot. Here's a black little number in laces.

Who ever thought of black on black? It's very hard to see what to do to get this thing on correctly. There's so much Velcro that I don't want to ruin my knitted socks wearing them. Speaking of socks...I got to get back to them.


glorm said...

Oh, love those dishcloths.

Black on black was a bad idea---that was not the place for the manufacturer to worry about color coordinating.

Joansie said...

Ok, how many dishcloths has mom received (polite for stolen) from They are beautiful!

Grandma Elsie said...

Love the patterns .Would be very pretty on a blanket..
How is that foot ? you have really had a long haul there ... Elsie

Darlene McLavy said...

I had that surgery done on my left foot in 2001 and don't remember having any problems or much swelling. In March of this year I had my right foot done and I'm still having problems. About the only thing I am able to wear are my old flip flops. Sure is going to be a problem with winter coming on. Guess I will have to put on a couple pairs of toe socks.

Hope you get better soon.

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