Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hat from the Top Down

I was working on the Baby Surprise Jacket KAL. Raverly link here. I was doing OK, but then my increases started looking wonky. So, I don't know if it's my increases or if it's just the way this pattern looks at this point. I'm kind of hesitant to continue on with it.

When in doubt rip it out or....pick up another knitting project.
I came across this hat pattern that's knitted from the crown down. Ben's Blue Devil Hat. It seems to coming along nicely.
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I'm using Red Hearts So Soft yarn that I had in my stash. I was knitting Brooklyntweed's Turn A Square Hat with it, but it was turning out too big & my DS declared that he wouldn't wear it anyway, so I ripped it out.

Now, Ben's Blue Devil Hat is interesting, because you start at the crown by CO only 4 sts. So, I was knitting away and knitting away when I had a thought. "How come I can knit a hat from the top down, but I can't knit a sock from the toe-up?" The hat certainly has a roundness to it.

My brain must work strangely. I knit hats & get inspired about other things. I once saw a Baby's Pumpkin Hat and I thought of a bathroom tissue cover to use in the Fall.

So, while my youngest DD watched cartoons on Sunday morning. I was inspired to try this:

I'm just playing around with the hat pattern as the beginnings of a toe-up. It's certainly round enough. Knitters never seem to run out of ideas.

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Joansie said...

Yes, I've wondered about my increases with the BSJ. To be perfectly honest..........I am burnt out on that pattern.

Good idea....pick up another project. I noticed how you didn't say cast on another project or pick up a

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