Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Showers and socks

Who knew that a shower could be so refreshing? Yesterday was my first shower since having surgery on my foot on June 1st. The surgeon's office said that I could take off my boot long enough to sit in the shower & bathe. I feel human again. While having my naked foot exposed, I noticed that my incision has healed nicely, however, I was quite surprised to see that all of my smaller toes have spread out to the max, completely extended! I'm not comfortable at all with the way they look and feel. I'm awaiting a call back from my Dr's. office.

I've just finished picking up sts. for the gusset of my Rapunzel socks (Ravelry link), so it's coming along. The weather is cool enough today that maybe I should pick up my white cardigan and work on that for a bit. Sock? Sweater? Hmm...

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Busy Grandma Elsie said...

I am so glad for you.. I remember when I broke my foot at the ankle bones and had surgery with a plate and 5 screws on the out side and one long screw on the in side ,so no shower until the stitches healed . What bliss it was that first shower.. I understand..
be careful now that you can be more normal... Don't over do it.

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