Sunday, June 07, 2009

Recuperation-A Knitting Vacation?

I'm still in bed recuperating from foot surgery to alleviate a painful bunion. I had visions of getting a lot of knitting accomplished. Sigh. This has proved not to be the case. I'm finding it difficult to get comfortable enough to knit while propped up in bed with my foot elevated.

I also found that my concentration isn't up to par either. I tried working on the February Lady Sweater, but I keep losing track of all the increases & the markers. Well, the good news is, my cousin is visiting tomorrow for a day of movies & knitting for me & crocheting for her.

I did manage to work several rounds of a sock today. Sock-knitting has become my "comfort knitting."

I also want to thank my dear Hubby for letting me have the use of his laptop, so that I can still stay in touch w/all my on-line friends!

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RenateS. said...

Glad to hear you are at home and recuperating. If you had an anesthetic it may take a few days to have it all out of your system and feel normal again. I finally moved my blog over to But I changed the name. It's "An Old German's Knit Blog" (run all together). I figured since I am getting old and am German the name was apropos. Heal well. Renate

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