Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Day of Knitting & A Movie

Well, I finally came out of my bedroom or as my DS likes to call it the "dungeon" yesterday. My new cousin by marriage, came over yesterday for a visit. Since my bunion surgery on June 1st, I've remained upstairs in the bedroom, so that I could be comfortable & have access to the BR. It's been OK up there, I had a cordless phone, stereo & TV/DVD player w/remote, and my knitting, of course. Thank goodness my Hubby let me use his laptop or I probably would have gone a bit stir-crazy.

My cousin is a crocheter & I'm a knitter, but B. didn't bring her crochet yesterday, she brought over her Knifty KnitterTM Loom. It's pretty neat, it's sort of like a giant knitting spool. It looks like it would be a great stash user-upper! You use 2-strands of yarn at a time to knit & she's making lots of hats for charity.

We also watched the DVD The Phantom of the Opera. Now, I must admit that this would probably not have been a movie that I would have selected myself, because I'm just not into opera, but I'm up for new things & I really love being with this relative! Let me tell you, I really enjoyed this movie! The drama & the costumes & settings were fantastic! And, we got a lot of knitting accomplished! I have a sock almost done & B. finished 2 hats!

It was a wonderful day all around. It was good to eat to with family instead of all myself in my room & it was good to be out of the dudgeon. I know my kids enjoyed seeing their mom up & about....sort of.


Busy Grandma Elsie said...

I'm glad you were able to get out of your room and visit.Hope you are healing well.
I am having a good time at the beach with my daughters and family.I posted some pictures on my blog . But it really isn't nice of me to tell you since you can't do anything.
Take care

Joansie said...

I've been without internet access for most of the week and am glad to finally read about your progress since your surgery. Keep on knitting!

Sandy said...

Foot surgery...ouch.

I have the looms, but haven't enjoyed trying to use them. But, I only thought you used double yarn in the beginning for the hat pattern? Must look at that again. I found it really slow, in fact much slowier than knitting or crocheting and I do both.

I loved the movie, but then I really really really love the play..and I love Opera Music so was a bit skeptical that the move could do it justice. But, am with you completely, it did!


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