Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Bad Night/Good Night

We had tornado warnings & flash flood warnings all about us tonight. After my husband left for work this afternoon, the news came on...."If you don't have to go out tonight, stay home, don't go out." This news arrived after the fact. Also, DS was out for a Rugby practice.

I tried to take comfort in my knitting & in prayer.

I called about my DS, hoping they had the good sense to NOT play in an open field when lightening was touching down. He was OK. He was indoors watching a movie waiting out the storm. Then, another call from a friend from church to tell me that my hubby was on his way home, but the bridges & roads were flooded. More knitting & more praying. The phone rang again, DS was on his way home when a tow truck tried passing them in a single lane. The car got side-swiped & the mirror knocked off & tire blown out, BUT everyone was OK.

Then, the phone rang again. My hubby was being driven home by a friend & they drove under an under-pass right into deep water. The car filled instantly with water up to their waist. They got towed to a nearby motel & called home.

I stopped knitting & just prayed. I gave thanks that everyone made it home safe & sound and that the storm is over.

Good Night.


Joansie said...

So glad everyone is safe. Those events would have scared me plenty. Prayers help!

Busy Grandma Elsie said...

Oh my . I am so glad your family was ok. Did you stay alone all night ? After all that I would not have slept even with prayer..
You are one great women.
Elsie <><

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