Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Attempting To Do Toe Up Socks Again

I started my journey into the sock-knitting world about 3 yrs. ago. First, I had struggled with trying to figure out how to knit them on DPNs. I just couldn't figure out what all the fuss and the fascination was about knitting socks. Then, I discovered the technique of knitting socks on 2-Cirs. With a lots of help and encouragement from friends, I had knitted my first pair of socks. They were slightly too big, but I was hooked!

I have about 4 sock books and sock software and all sorts of circular needles and some sock yarn. I discovered the fascination with socks is that there are endless ways to design & create socks. So far, most of the socks that I've knitted have been done on 2-Cirs from the Cuff Down and I've made a couple pairs of socks using double-pointed needles.

About the same time that I had started to enter the world of socks....I wanted to try everything! Even Toe-Up socks. There are so many ways to cast on for Toe-Ups. I even blogged about it:

Toe-Up Socks....let me count the cast-on ways, but I haven't had as much success as I had hoped. I've had a lot of false starts trying to learn to knit Toe-Ups, and at one point, I kind of resigned myself to the fact, that I'll probably never be a toe-up sock person. But, I hate being beaten by a knitting technique.

So, there I was, just plugging way with my 2-different socks at the same time, please see previous post and I became bored with all the stockinette knitting involved with the foot part.

Hmm....bored, but needing to knit something.....so back to the drawing board with the toe-up socks, but my cirs were currently in use. Hmm....I know! I'll really give myself a challenge...I'll try a toe-up sock on 1-Cir aka Magic Loop!

I found a couple more methods for casting on for toe-up. The first one for from the The Knitting Fiend: Toe of Toe Up Sock, which worked well, but I ended up using this method from Online Knitting Classes by Kristin .

The pattern is called Express Lane by Diane Mulholland. Is pretty easy and it keeps my interest. I'm almost to the point of working on the gusset and the heel, so I'm trying to decide on which method might work the best. My Sock Wizard PC v. 2 has a lot options besides the one that's offered in the original pattern.

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LizzieK8 said...

I finally mastered Judy's Magic Cast On. I can't stand to listen to Cat Bordhi in the video, but the pictures on Knitty.com were perfect!

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!