Friday, April 03, 2009

2 Different Socks at The Same Time

No, I'm not trying to start a new fashion trend. I decided to knit 2 different socks alternately. The variegated sock is an Opal yarn that needed to be knitted in plain stockinette, but I was able to find a pattern that had a little bit a variation in it to keep me interested. It's called Winterscape Socks by Kay Redding of
From The Back Yard blog. Check out the Back Yard blogspot. There's a lot of nice easy sock patterns there. The Winterscape Socks are also available on Ravelry.

The teal sock is Lisa Lloyd's Pink Ribbons (Breast Cancer Awareness) Socks.

Ravelry Link

This Teal Ribbon Sock is close & dear to my heart. Teal is the color for Ovarian Cancer Awareness & I have 2 loved ones that are survivors of this silent killer of women.

This sock is so much fun to knit. I love knitting cables & this fits the bill for me.

Close-up of Cables:

The details: Both socks are being knitted on their own sets of 2-Cirs. I knit about 10 rounds of 1 sock, then I might switch off & knit about 10 rounds of the other sock.

Winterscape Socks: (Opal yarn)

Addi Turbo's: Cirs, size 2, CO 64 sts, then dec. 60 sts for the rest of sock.

Teal Ribbon Socks: (Baby Ull Dalegarn) (wonderfully soft!) CO 62 sts

1 Knit Pick Cir, size 3 & 1 Addi Turbo, size 3. The original pattern is written for DPN's, but I'm knitting on 2-Cirs, then I switched to DPNs for the heel, because the sts. needed to be rearranged so that the ribbons are positioned on the side of the leg. After I re-positioned the sts for the heel, I switched back to using 2-Cirs. I just found it easier for me to do it this way.

No Second Sock Syndrome (x2) for me!

Thanks to Wendy form Wendy's Knits for the idea of using a stitch holder & a stitch counter on the socks!


Jill L said...

Love the socks -- especailly the teal ribbon -- I may have to do that one!

Kay-From the Back Yard said...

Good job, Deb! Both socks look great!

Joansie said...

Great socks, Deb. The cable one catches my eye!

Sandy said...

Such nice socks, one day I plan to give myself time to learn how to make them. I keep saying it, but so far that hasn't happened.

Thanks so much for your support, it is truly appreciated.


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