Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tidal Wave Socks Are Complete!

I just finished the Tidal Wave Socks by Deby Lake.

I really enjoyed this pattern! I used 2 skeins of Panda's Cotton Yarn in Crystal Pink. I really enjoyed this yarn, too. The yarn did like to separate a little, but it's so soft & silky that I continued to work with it. I used 2 Knit Picks cirs, US size 2 for the first sock and for 1/2 of the second sock, then one of my cirs broke. (Please see previous post.) So, I had to finish the second sock with 1 KP cir and 1 Addi's Turbo needle.

I think that this is my best pair of socks so far, if I do say so myself. I had originally planned on knitting these socks for myself, but a loved one had admired them from afar, so I think that these are going to be gifted to her.

Something that I did differently with this time, since I decided that I was making them for someone else, I counted all the rows so that they would match perfectly and they did! I almost don't want to have to give them up. LOL!

Now.....what to do next? I have some variegated Opal yarn just waiting to become a pair of socks. I have The Little Box of Socks and there are several choices. Stayed tuned........


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to finish. Now I need to start some.

Anonymous said...

How many patterns are in the book? What kinds of yarn do you have for socks, and which colors? The funny thing is that top picture seems to be an internet sock pattern. I have that colorway, in several skeins as I have planned for about 10 years or more to make that pattern. It is Regia and gorgeous. It is one of the first sock yarns I ever bought back in the 90's.

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