Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Needles and New Yarn!

At Christmastime, my very loving hubby & children had gifted me with some money that was specifically designated for knitting items! How wonderful & thoughtful of them! I should have been able to decide right away what to get, but I just couldn't make up my mind, so I took my time deciding.

I usually order my sock yarn on-line & I usually get my other yarns at a LYS or craft store. I usually use Knit Picks circular knitting needles for my sock knitting, because I prefer using 2-cirs for socks. I just couldn't make up my mind what to do. My hubby suggested that if I had placed an order with Knit Picks to be sure to order enough to qualify for the free shipping. Well, I already have the Knit Picks Nickle Plated Options set & I love them! However, I couldn't think of other needles that I wanted that badly and when it comes to buying yarn....I'm a very touchy-feely kind of person. I need to touch and feel the yarn that I'm going to be working with. I've ordered some yarns online before and have been sorely disappointed.

As I have previously posted, I have been knitting the Tidal Wave Socks, but one day this happened......

This is not supposed to happen. The needle had become completely undone from the cable. Fortunately no stitches had been sacrificed in this incident. I pushed the needle back onto the cable, but now there's a slight bur for the knitting to catch on. This is completely unacceptable. I had this happen to 2 of my other fixed circular needles from Knit Picks, but I thought it was a quirk, so I didn't bother to contact the company about it. But, I was reluctant to buy some more needles from KP's even if their needles are reasonably priced. the good part pf this post. I was visiting with my Mom yesterday and she literally lives down the street from a LYS, so, I paid I visit. I showed the lady in the store what happened to my Knit Picks & I asked her to show me the new Addi Turbos with the blue cables. She was more than happy to comply. I got 2 pair of the new Addi's in US size 2 with blue cables, so I could finish the Tidal Wave Socks, & I got 2 pair of Addi's in US size 1 needles in the original gold cables, because they were all sold out of them in the blue cables in size 1's. I already have the Addi's in US size 3- gold cables.

And, of course, I just couldn't visit a LYS and buy just new needles without new yarn to go with them, couldn't I? I think not, LOL! I got some Opal yarn called Mississippi.

It was late last night, so I haven't had much of a chance to work with the blue-cabled Addi's, but they're real nice and a pleasure to knit with. The blue cable is not as soft and as pliable as the purple cables on the Knit Picks, but it's something I can live with. The blue cable seem to be a tiny bit softer than the original gold-colored Addi's. The tips on the Addi's are not as sharp as the tips on the KP needles, however, the tips on the blue cable ones are not quite as tapered as the tips on the gold cabled needles. Again, this is something I can live with. The lady at my mom's LYS told me that as long as I keep the packing from the Addi's, they will replace them free of charge if they should become defective.

I've used Opal yarn before and I love it! I made my very first pair of socks from it, so I have a soft spot for it. It is a little more pricey than some other sock yarn, but it's so nice! Now....I just have to find the perfect pattern for it.

The final say on the the new blue Addi's & the new yarn.....I am very happy & content & last night as I was knitting, I experienced the same kind of euphoria that I had experienced as a kid with a brand new box of crayons.

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Joansie said...

I love how you like to buy needles. Can't wait to hear more about the Addi's. I don't own a pair. Watch for my blog on Knitpicks and what they did to me this week. I'm not a happy camper!

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