Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Me or the Yarn

Ever since I finished the Tidal Wave socks, I've been in search of a new sock pattern to knit up. Well, you wouldn't think that it would be such a big ordeal to find one, esp.; with the plethora of free patterns out there on the Net. I also have 2 wonderful sock books & The Little Box of Socks patterns. So, here I am with my new Opal sock yarn & my new (blue) Addi Turbo needles....just waiting to get broken in. I searched & I searched & I experimented with all sorts of patterns & styles. I even toyed around with a few toe-up patterns, but they didn't satisfy me at all. Seriously, I've done so much ripping out & putting back in for socks....I think that I could have honestly knitted up 2 pairs of socks by now. I thought that I found a pattern that would work well with the Opal variegated yarn. The Fluted Banister Socks. I love the pattern, but it doesn't seem to be the right pattern for this yarn & the sad part is that I didn't discover it until I was almost done with one sock.

The pattern just gets so last lost. Then, when I started working on the bottom of the foot, I discovered the real design that is within this yarn.

I really think that this yarn to meant to be knit on a plain stockinette sock. My youngest DD loves to rip out yarn, except, when it's something that she's been working on. Who knew that I was so fickle???


Anonymous said...

Most of the patterned Opal yarns are meant for us to knit plain, or, with little patterning. It gives us a break from our cables, textures, lace and other mindful knitting and gives us a mindless, quick to knit sock with gorgeous coloration. Which other Opals do you have, and I can tell you which patterns will work well with those colorways. Which particular number of your colorway is that? Is your fairisle portion really green like it looks in the picture? Interesting, you should love the pattern it comes as, great for Spring :)

Anonymous said...

The yarn for this sock is called OPAL MISSISSIPPI #2084. No green. Fair Isle designing in burgundy, dark purple, purplish-pink, then white, then black, white & gray. The only other Opal yarn that I've used was Opal HUNDERTWASSER in some kind of denim blue. They were my very first pair of socks that I've ever knitted. I don't have them anymore. The toes came un-done, because I was clueless about the Kitchener stitch & when I tried to fix them, they went from bad to worse!

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