Friday, January 09, 2009

A Scoop of Socks

Why are these socks in a bowl??? Well, actually these are the Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner that a few of my blogging friends have been making. They were knitted with Berroco Comfort Sock yarn. I'm not too sure of the color, but my youngest DD christened these socks. Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream socks. (Think of swirling the ice cream all around as it's beginning to melt.) And....yes. Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream is my favorite flavor.

I really enjoyed this pattern, because it was so easy to memorize. This knitting project went with me everywhere. The first sock took me about 10 days to complete, but the second sock took much longer, because I had gotten so busy preparing for the holidays. I think that these are my best ones so far.

I finally got a near perfect fit. They're really soft & comfortable, however, it took me awhile to figure my gauge on these babies. While reasonably priced, the Berroco Comfort yarn is super soft and it kept messing with my tension. I eventually settled on 64sts on 2-Cirs (Knit Picks) size: 1 (2.25mm). I also worked these from the cuff down with a Wide Toe finish, because I have wide feet. The yarn was nice to knit with, however, it was a bear to pick up dropped sts. The yarn has a tendecy to become splitty if fussed with just a little bit. I'll have to try this brand again for socks before I really decide how much I like it. The verdict is still out.

I also grafted the toes with the Kitchener stitch. Whew! I'll get the hang of this method someday. I always end up with "ears" and I never know quite what to do with the very last stitch.

And...of course, I was glad to get these done, so that I could cast on for another pair of socks!

This is Panda Cotton/Bamboo yarn that I had gotten over the summer. It sure is different from any other yarn that I've ever worked with. I'll keep you posted on how it's working or not working.


Joansie said...

Glad you are so happy with your socks. It's a fun pattern. You've knitted quite a few pairs now....congrats!

LizzieK8 said...

Very pretty socks. Isn't it amazing such a simple pattern creates such nice socks?

I don't get a Kitchener ear from the beginning sts because, I think, I do the first two sts as demonstrated here:

When I get to the end, I put the needle into the sock toe and pull it down into the sock, turn the sock inside out, tug, and weave in the ends. That eliminates the ear at the ending...

Joansie warned me about ears when I first started with socks, and suggested a darning egg in the toe to help eliminate them. I've never felt the need to try it, but you might find it helpful.

Sandy said...

They look fabulous to me. Could I have a 2nd scoup please!

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