Monday, January 26, 2009

Nothing New Yet

Some of you have asked about hands, which had sustained 2nd & 3rd degree burns when I accidentally spilled pumpkin pie-filling while removing them from a hot oven over a year ago. My hands are great! I have my last check-up at the burn clinic on the 28th. I will probably be told that I don't have to wear the therapeutic/pressurize glove anymore. I never did mind the glove. My hand feels much better with it than without it. On a side note: I only missed about 3 or 4 days of knitting due to having skin graft surgery and I could figure out how to maneuver a knitting needle in a cast. LOL!

I really don't have much new to blog about yet. I haven't done too much more work on the second Tidal Wave Sock.

Sometimes, I knit for solace. Well, actually...I knit a lot for keeps me sane. There's been a lot of personal stuff going on at the home front, so I've kind of thrown myself into trying to figure out toe-up socks. I haven't mastered it yet. I have the general idea of how it's done, however, I have yet to find a method for the toe that looks as pretty as the cuff down sock.

I've tried the M1 for increases. I've tried M1L & M1R, but I still end up with ugly stitches. I know...I the average viewer and from a distance, my ugly stitches wouldn't make difference. It's me. Working on toe-up socks as kept me from dwelling on negative thoughts.

I'll probably pick up the Tidal Wave sock and work on it tonight, but I must confess, that thanks to Knitting By The Ocean-Mittens Galore & Brooklyntweed's cabled mittens....I now have a terrible urge to knit cables.

Maybe after I finish these current socks, I'll knit some socks with some cables. That'll be on my to-do-list.

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