Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Knitting and Watching the Inauguration of Obama

I was working on an Ann Budd pattern called the Herringbone Lace Sock, but I ended up ripping it out & starting over, because it was a little bit too snug for my foot. I was getting ready to start over when I saw the Tidal Wave Socks via FirstTimeSocknitters group. I changed my mind about the Herringbone Socks & decided to knit these!

I have one sock done already. I started it over the weekend and I finished up the foot this morning, after the kids went off to school. I even did the Kitchener Stitch while watching/listening to the Inauguration of Pres. Obama! LOL!

I used Crystal Palace Cotton Bamboo yarn in Crystal Pink. This yarn is very soft & I liked working with it. The pattern is easy and so pretty.

Now, I'm going to CO for the other sock.


Joansie said...

Great job, Deb. I love that pattern and the socks looke like they fit you perfectly.

Jill L said...

I love the pattern. I am assuming your hands have healed completly now?

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