Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another UFO is Finished! The Hooded Baby Blanket

I finally got this hooded baby blanket done! A couple of years ago, I had made a hooded baby towel for a friend from church when she was pregnant. It was knitted with a baby cotton.

Well, the "baby" is about 18 mons. old now and the mom told me that her daughter really loves her towel/blanket & that she just loves to to be cuddled it with her head covered. Well, of course, the baby has out-grown the original and the mom had asked me last spring about making a bigger one.

This was an easy project, but I think that it was too easy, because I become bored with it rather quickly. Either that or I have become hopeless addicted & fascinated with knitting socks. Sock knitters....who know what I mean. So, anyway, this blanket was almost done & then, my dog decided to lay on it & put a big snag in it! So.....I had to frog it & put it back in. (Sigh...and people with cats think that they suffer with their knitting.) I knitted & I knitted. This is all garter stitch.....not one of my favorite things to do, I get this from my Mom. (Thanks, mom.) The blanket sat and sat in a basket. I had completely forgotten about it until I had read about Knitting By the Ocean's blog about her all garter stitch sweater. I also would suffer a pang of guilt every time I would see this mom & child in church and think to myself, "you better quit knitting those darn socks & finish that blanket!" But, what do they say?, "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."

The weather has gotten a bit nippy around here, so I thought that I had better get busy & finish it. Now, I could kick myself, (if my cerebral palsy wouldn't hinder me in doing so. LOL!) it took me 1 evening of knitting to finish! I few rows for the blanket & then the hood!

I used Donna's Diagonal Knit Hooded Towel pattern, but I used Caron's Simply Soft yarn & I knitted the blanket until I had 205 sts, then I started the decreases. Then, I picked up 6 sts on the edge & knitted the hood until I had 75 sts, then I BO. I also used my Denise (pink) set US size 9 needles. It looks huge, so I hope that my friend & her toddler like it.

Shhh....what's that I hear? It's my socks...they're calling me, actually beckoning me, "Come here...knit me..knit me."

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Tywanna's Needlework said...

You did a great job on this hooded baby blanket. I have a picture of my son when he was around 8-months with his hooded blanket (that might be my next post). What are you working on now?

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