Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cat Bordhi Strikes Again!

Did I mention that I am very determined? Especially when it comes to knitting! I never thought that I would get the hang of socks......now look at me....I'm hooked!

So the other day, I was scouring the internet looking at all sorts of patterns & I kept finding all these sock patterns that were done from the sock up. It seemed to be ashame that I was going to have to disregard them just because of my cast-on deficient? So I did another search for provisional cast-on & Cat Bordhi's name caught my eye! She's the inventor/creator of knitting socks on 2-cirs. Well, leave it to her to figure out a way to knit socks on 2-cirs from the toe-up and leave it to her to figure out her own way to work a provisional cast-on using 2-cirs! She uses one of the cables from a circular needle instead of using a piece of waste yarn.

Guess what!?? I got it!

Stay tuned for posting about these socks.
I used Bordhi's cast-on method from this pattern:


My Fair Isle Hat (Selbu Modern)