Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Sock Yarn Arrived!

The winter weather & the recuperating at home w/my burn injuries to my hands has prevented me from going out & about to the stores. I have been going through a bit of withdrawal not being able to get to my LYS or to a craft store. Funny....I haven't really suffered the same withdrawal symptoms from not going to the grocery store. LOL!

So being the resourceful sort of person that I am, I did some shopping on-line for some sock yarn. I checked several sites and I thought that I found a real bargain when I found some yarn at $7.95 a skein! Well, after waiting rather impatiently, for my order it arrived in about 5 days. I was so happy & so excited to see that package. The yarn colors are so neat & soft, but wait....something was a little off. Hmm.....the skeins are only 50 grams. I think I should have ordered 2 skeins of each color? No wonder I thought that the price was so great. It must be my brain cells turning to mush from being cooped up in the house so much.

Oh, well, I have already cast on w/some of the new sock yarn. I figure by the time I finish 1 sock, my other order of sock yarn should get here in time for me to cast on sock #2.

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