Friday, January 25, 2008

Valentine Dress for Barbie

I've been trying to get back into my knitting since my burn accident. When I didn't feel like knitting, I browsed through free patterns on the internet. A relative had recently told me about a little one in their life that was into Barbie dolls, so this inspired me to look at some Barbie clothes patterns. Being the hopeless romantic type, I decided to knit this Valentine's Dress for Barbie.

Sorry for the quality of the photos, the camera batteries were MIA! LOL!

I found the pattern at
Barbie Basics by Lynne Sears

There's ton's of free patterns at this site!

I used US size 3 needles and the yarn was something from my stash. I don't remember what yarn it is, but it's a soft acrylic.

I recently ordered some sock yarn on-line, so I think I'm back to knitting!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

An Update: My Hands Are On the Mend

A lot of you have been so sweet & have been inquiring about my healing progress with the burns to my hands. And a lot of you are wondering if I have been able to get back to my knitting.

Well, the answer is yes & no. I have been knitting off & on sort of as therapy. I’ve done a whole bunch of knitting & a whole bunch of nothing. I’ve worked on dishcloths and ripped them out. I’ve worked on a hat & a scarf and…ripped them out. I even started to work on a sock & ripped that out, too! I have no idea what was wrong with me, but nothing was bringing me satisfaction or the peace & tranquility that I usually get whenever I knit.

I could really relate to my friend, Joansie’s blog a while back, when she said that she wanted to knit, but she didn’t want to start anything new because she already had so many WIP’s. Boy, could I relate. I still haven’t worked on my white cardigan from a while ago, and with my burns being fresh, I didn’t want to get anything on the white yarn.

Now, I am glad to post that I think that I am just about over my period of knitting-discontentment. I’ll be posting about my latest knitting project soon.

For of those who want to see how my grafts are healing, see photo. Hopefully it’s not too disturbing for some to view.

A Couple of Little Knits