Saturday, December 06, 2008

Owning Up To My UFO's

In response to Joansie's blog at Knitting By The Ocean where she has challenged her readers to Time To Own Up! to all their UFO's, I said that I would need back up for me to be completely honest. I'm almost 50 years old and I've been knitting since I was 6. Now, notably my mom had probably frogged all my UFO's that I had as a child and re-used the yarn for something that she had in mind to knit. As a kid, I didn't have all that many UFO's kicking around my home, because my Mom was of the mind-set that I couldn't start a new knitting project until I had finished what I had started. Needless to say, I didn't finish a whole of things as a kid.

Later, as a young married woman, I did knit a little & I did set aside some projects to be completed at another time. Like the Aran cardigan sweater that I had started for my hubby in the early '80's. It still in a storage bin the basement, it's off-white, the label says, Wintuk. I don't think that it'll ever be finished, because I have no idea where I am with the pattern and I'm almost certain that my DH won't be able to wear a man's small anymore. (No need to mention that to him either.) It would be nice to recover the knitting needles for this project though, but I don't have the heart to go near it.

Then, I came across a baby doll dress that I had started to knit, but never finished. The style of the dress is dated now, sort of late '60's, early '70's.

I read of others responses to Time To Own Up. I read about people knitting projects, crochet projects & people's embordery or cross-stitch projects. Have you ever worked on something so long ago, that you completely forgotten that something was ever a part of your life in the first place???

How about this..........

Anybody remember the "Weave-It" Loom? I think that I got as a kid from Wool-Worth's 5&10, price: $1.50 I made hundreds of those woven yarn squares. I never did too much with them, because my Mom had told me that they would need to be sewn or crocheted together to assembled into a blanket. I still have the Weave-It pattern book somewhere. As a teen, I did weave about 60 or 75 of these squares and my Mom did crochet them together for me into a jumper. It probably got donated to Goodwill several years later.

OK....I digress. My UFO's consist of:

1. A white cardigan for myself. I got lost on the front panels.

2. A hooded baby blanket.....all garter stitch...yawn!

3. A toe-up sock waiting for a mate. I'm not too sure if I like the look of the toe, so I haven't worked on the mate.

4. Brooklyntweed's Turn A Square Hat, not finished, because DS declared, "I'm not wearing that." It is a fun knit and I will get back to this one.

5. A blue baby blanket....just haven't worked on it for a while.

I think that's it for my list. How about you?

Thanks Joansie....this was fun!


Joansie said...

Wow, you really don't have that many UFO's. I finished one last night and frogged two. This really was fun!

AmyS said...

Deb, check out my blog for today!

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!