Saturday, November 29, 2008

Double Cable Dog Sweater

We had a great and wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. Everyone contributed to the meal & everyone helped with the dreaded after-meal clean-up. It was one of the most memorable Thanksgivings that we have had in a long time. More about that in an up and coming post.

Now...about the knitting. In between socks, I have managed to finish another dog sweater for some very dear & special people in our lives. They recently adopted another fur-baby, Mapache, a long-haired Chi. Of course, Chi's need sweaters in this part of the winter-States.

(Yes, that's my box of knitting needles on the left. I'm hopeless, I know.)

This little guy is only 16 weeks & he's fully of energy! It was so hard to get a photo of the double-cable design that graced the center of the back of the sweater. I used left-over yarn (Vanna White-Sage green) from the other dog sweater that I had made a couple months ago.

I found the pattern from Autumnblossomknits. I really liked this pattern, because it was a quick knit done in the round from the top-down. All one piece. No sewing. No seams. I did knit it on US size 8 DPN's, because I didn't have enough size 8 Cirs. But, it was OK. Mapache's parents were very happy & pleased with the sweater. Once they got him into it, I think that he liked it, too.

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Joansie said...

Cute sweater and cut dog! Can't wait to hear about your Thanksgiving!

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