Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Knitting Travel Bag and Projects

My DH went out the other day and of course, we just had to end up at Michael's Arts & Crafts. They've had these knitting travel bags for some time now, but I was never willing to pay full price for them when after all a zipper storage bag will do. Well....they had these bags on sale for more than 50% off, so I got one!

See? It has a silver clip on the side so that it can be fastened onto your purse or belt or belt-loop while you knit. I already tried it out while waiting at the bus stop for the ride home from the craft store. I just happened to have a sock in progress in my purse.

This is Berroco Comfort Sock yarn that I had gotten at LYS a few months back. It's acrylic and really soft, so I had to play around with my gauge a little. I'll post more about this yarn later.

Autumn is finally upon us I guess. It's not my favorite time of the year except for being great sock weather. We don't celebrate Halloween, but I try to encourage the kids to enjoy all of the seasons. So, I'm also knitting a pumpkin as a bathroom tissue cover. I know.....I need intervention or something! LOL!

This is Red Heart Soft yarn in tangerine. It close enough to pumpkin or orange and it's so much fun to work with this color yarn. My new box of crayons snydrome is kicking in. My oldest dd really does think I'm in need of some professional help with my knitting, but I'll save this for another posting, too!

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