Monday, September 15, 2008

A Couple of Dishcloths

I'm finally back into my knitting after experiencing a slight knitting slump. Here's a couple of dishcloths that I managed to finish. The first one is from the Mid-Aug. KAL.

This was a lot of fun, because this had the look of cables without all the fuss of cables.

This one is called the Eloomanator’s Diagonal Knit Dishcloth, which is variation of Grandma's Favorite. It's a little bit of a challenge, but it's easy to memorize once you get the hang of it.


walkabout said...

Ok those are really pretty. I to have been in a knitting slump, but looking at your work, well I won't be for long : ). thanks for the inspiration, very nice work

Anonymous said...

I love the dishcloths. Brilliant. I have been knitting dishcloths for Halloween. I will piece them together to make a blanket with them. I have spiders, cats, witch's hats, bats, pumpkins and more. It is a lot of fun. Well, you have a nice day, Jackie

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