Monday, August 04, 2008

Back from Vacation

I'm back from vacation. We went to Altoona to visit my DH's side of the family. It was a wonderful visit & it was also a time of reassuring family that I'm recovering from my burn injuries that I had sustained while visiting them on Christmas Eve.

Here's my hand that's healed.

Here's my hand with the pressure glove that I will be wearing until February. I can't wait to wear my "Mother" birthstone ring again!

On the knitting front, we went to Wally-World & found some Peaches & Creme cotton yarn for some dishcloths in different colors that I haven't been able to find here at home. I made about 4 dishcloths, but I don't have too many pics to show, because I forgot my camera & the dishcloths got new owners almost as soon as they came off the needles!

Here's some photos of a couple of dishcloths that I did manage to keep for myself. I'm on a feather & fan kick. It's so easy to memorize.

And, here's some other yarn that I had used. Mt SIL got that dishcloth. It's called "Festive" by P&C.


glorm1 said...

Wow--your hand is looking good.

I have made dishcloths in the Feather and Fan pattern. Mine "indented" in the center; I notice that yours do also. Glad I'm not doing something wrong; that must be the way this pattern turns out.

Anonymous said...

Your hand looks great!!! Good progress. I love that feather and fan washcloth, especially in the bright varigated colors, do you know the color name? And may I have a link to the pattern? I would do that in a heart beat, I am going to do a type of feather and fan cuff for a sock on the Ravelympics.

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!