Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ankle Sock Boo-boo

I've been encouraged to not wait until I have finished projects before posting. My dear friend, Joansie says that we can all learn from each other's mistakes creativity.

Remember the little kids sing-song, "One of these is not like the other......"?

Things seemed to go so well with the first sock that I anxiously CO for the second ankle sock. Yesterday, I had made a lot of progress, then there it was.......

Do you see it?
This is correct.

The first sock....I had worked the Uneven Ribbing on just the front part of the leg of the sock and not all the way around like I was supposed to.

The dilemma? Should I rip out sock #2 and make it like sock #1? (Easier way.) Or....should I rip out #1 and start over the right way? (Harder way?)


Joansie said...

Difficult to choose. Seeing you were so happy with the first sock, I say go with that one. I recently started a 2nd sock only to realize the ribbing was different from the first sock. Of course, I didn't notice it till I had knitted about 18 rows...duh!

Good luck!

LizzieK8 said...

Don't bother ripping. It's a sock. The mistake is on the back of the cuff, right. Socks don't have to match at all, let alone be identical. You will be the only one that ever notices it. How many people do you suppose study the back of sock cuffs on other people?

Not many, I'd guess.

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