Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Yarn and New Needles

When I first started out on my journey in knitting, I used whatever needles, usually straight ones and whatever yarn, usually Red Heart, that was in my Mom's stash. As I continued to knit, I usually got my yarn, usually acyclic, from 5&10 stores like Woolworth's or Murphy's, Zayre's, Gee Bees, and even Sears. Yarn content at the time wasn't important. Prices and colors were.

Now, I've started out on a new journey into the wonderful world of sock knitting. About 2 years ago, I decided to try my hand at knitting socks. Well, the prices of sock yarn was sort of a cultural shock to me as was going to a local yarn store, (LYS) for the tools of my passion. I've discovered that sock knitting is not a cheap endeavor, however, I thought I was worth it!

So, I was at a LYS and I got some new yarn and some new needles. First, I had a sense of euphoria, then, I had a pang of guilt for indulging in such an expensive pleasure. That was until I read Woolbearers blog and she talks about all the others things that we could be doing in our lives, but what else would give us the same kind of satisfaction? So without further ado, here's a photo of my new yarn and my new needles............

I've haven't tried either of these yarns before. The light pink is Panda Cotton, a little pricey, but oh so soft. The other yarn is Berrocco Comfort Sock yarn, reasonably priced and very soft as well. I haven't decided what to knit with these yet. You know how a sculptor stares at a block of clay, before deciding what it it meant to me? Well, I'm waiting for the right sock or the right pattern to come along before deciding. Besides, I have some other projects that are begging to be finished.

I also got some
Clover bamboo DPN's, , and a long cir, Crystal Palace, for Magic Loop knitting. I'm so used to using Knit Picks Cirs, so I haven't decided how I feel about the Crystal Palace needle yet.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh!!! Lovely! I want new yarn...but I have too many projects going already to go buying sock yarn just cause I like it. (But I really do like it) :D

Anonymous said...

I just bought a skein of the Comfort sock yarn 2 weeks ago and the book for the magic loops socks, I also got a new set of the knit picks Options needles with the full intentions of doing magic loop socks.. well I have not tried yet but boy do I have all the gear to start with..lol.. I have berraco before and I really like it, mosty because of the great price :)..

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