Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Organized....Are You Kidding Me???

A blogging friend recently left a comment that she would love to see a photo or photos of my stash. LOL! Is she kidding me or what? I'd have to get organized with my knitting, all of my balls & all of my skeins of yarn & my needles & my gadgets. I'm a pack rat by nature or by genetic or by deficient.

I also enjoy the computer & I enjoy reading other blogs via Google Reader. So, I was reading brileyknits & he had a link to Confessions of a Serial Knitter. Check out her blog & see if you aren't a serial knitter, too. It's on the right of her blog.

I qualify as a SK, so I don't think that I'll ever get my knitting stuff organized! But it is something to think about or dream about.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, my stash resides in the knitting room, the spare room, the living room and hiding even in the bedroom. It is a sickness!! Oh, and Briley is a guy.

Anonymous said...

We I have yarn in bins in front of my bed in my closet and it is very unorganized.

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