Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cooking, Baking & Knitting

Sometimes, I like to bake and cook...not as much as I like knitting. Well, since my burn incident w/the pumpkin pies last Christmas Eve, I haven't done as much baking as I used to.....funny....I haven't lost any weight either. Life just doesn't seem fair sometimes. Ha! No, seriously...I do enjoy my life & believe it or not, sometimes I stay up too late knitting, then I'll turn around & get up early just so I get get some more knitting done before the rest of the house gets up & moving. It's a craziness I tell you. It's those darn socks!!!

When I'm not on the PC scouring the Internet for all those lovely & free patterns, then I'm on the Internet checking out different recipes. My old recipe box has seen better days & it's filled with all sorts of things that I thought that I would make & never did and it's also filled with lot family favorites. Most of the recipes are hand written on old fashioned 3x5 index cards. The ingredients are listed on one side and the directions are
scribbled written on the other side. The ink is starting to fade on a lot of these cards, too. So, for Christmas last year, my kids gave me this really nice silver metal recipe box that holds 4x6 cards and I just love it! I can put the ingredients & the directions on the front of the card & I can see it without my reading glasses! Now, I've been a search for how to "type" up recipes on the computer, because it's not like the old days when I could put an index card in the manual typewritter & just type it. Well, I found something that I like a whole lot and it's free! I like it so much that I wanted to share it with rest of you! Recipe Card Maker.

You can type or copy & paste a recipe into a 3x5 or a 4x6 recipe card and there's the option of different designs and the option of printing 2 cards at a time or just 1 card. (The button is at the bottom for 1 card.) I print my recipes on white card-stock paper then cut them to fit in my recipe box.

Oh, my favorite recipes to look for? I've been looking at a lot of slow-cooker recipes lately, because it's been too hot to cook & by throwing things in the crockpot in the frees me up for doing other things with my family & leaves me some more time to knit!


glorm1 said...

What a good idea. I have handwritten my recipes on 4 x 6's for years (cause some are quite long). And I still have my manual typewriter from high school!! (Must be an antique by now.) It certainly is easier to get on the computer than to pull out a typewriter. Are you going to have a pie section? LOL. Are you feeling any effects on your hands from the burns?

Anonymous said...

Great idea...Thanks for sharing!

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