Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Socks and More Socks and New Software

I haven't blogged for a while, because it's summer-time, well, technically it isn't, but once the kids are officially out of school for the's considered summer around here. Summer keeps me busy, but not too busy to knit. It has become a little too hot to knit blankets, but not too hot to knit dishcloths or socks!

I'm hopeless........

I've been working on an Ann Budd's- Spiral Rib Sock, knitted w/Fortissima Yarn. It's a light brown with tiny specks of red throughout. I also got new Sock Wizard v.2 for my birthday. I thought that Sock Wizard v.1 was great, but v. 2 is so much better. It has lots of "tools" and options to play with.

I've also been working on a cabled sock, another Ann Budd design. The black & gold kitty stitch-markers were also a birthday gift.

I may never knit anything else, but socks, well, at least, until summer is over.

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glorm1 said...

You do nice work. Those kitty markers are so cute! You mean that finally someone has come up with something other than those plain ring markers?

Winter is definitely a great time to make afghans. I like to begin them in the fall so they are nice and long by winter so I can cover my legs with them as I am working on them.

My Fair Isle Hat (Selbu Modern)