Friday, May 30, 2008

New Yarn & New Knitting Book!

I've been working on my diagonal hooded baby blanket. I got the blanket part done, but I ran out of yarn before I completed the hood. So, I had to make a run to the craft store for some more yarn.

I also found a new knitting book of baby afghans. I don't usually buy too many pattern books since I've discovered the abundance of free patterns on the Internet. But, I've been searching & searching through all sorts of patterns for a baby blanket pattern for a dear friend of mine, but I haven't found just the right one until now.

The baby pastels is for the almost finished hooded blanket & the soft blue yarn for for my new project. It was very smart of yarn companies when they came out with yarns that don't have dye lots. Now, when I need more yarn to finish a project, I can find it.

The new knitting book is by Leisure Arts & it has 33 designs. I bought this book, because it had more than 50 % patterns it that I would like to do someday & it's all knit. I don't crochet & I really don't like books that show a beautiful knitted item on the cover, then when you look through the patterns there's only 2 knit patterns and then all the rest are crochet.

I've already figured out which one I want to make for my friend's new grandson, so if you'll excuse knitting needles are calling me.


glorm1 said...

"I ran short of yarn" is a good excuse to go to the crafts store.

I am not too fond of No Dye Lot Yarns as on more than one occasion the yarns had some differences in color.

We had the same situation with paint. We wanted to paint the family room, which is open to the kitchen, the same color. We got the same brand paint, same store, and he used the same computer color code. There is an obvious difference. The painter told us that it would dry to the same color which I did not believe. It didn't!

I guess you had better luck than I did for the yarn. I suggest to people that they take the item which they are working on and compare the new skein with it.

Anonymous said...

Love the pastels!! I also love the the Caron Simply Soft, especially for afghans. I've never had trouble with their colors not matching. Its so much softer than other acrylics, and sooo much more affordable than anything else. Can't wait the see the finished blanket!

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