Sunday, May 04, 2008

Knitting Projects, Google Reader & BSJ

I've been busy knitting at least 2 projects at a time and the trouble with working on 2 projects at a time is that it takes a while before you have a finished project to show for all of your efforts and hard work. On the other hand, when working on more than 1 project at a time, sometimes you'll have all sorts of things completed all at once.

Currently, I'm working on my first Toe-Up sock. It's taken me forever to find the right cast-on technique and then to find the right pattern for the yarn that I'm working with. Some of you know what I'm talking about....certain yarns are for certain items and/or patterns. Now that I've found the pattern that I wanted, I haven't dedicated as much time to work on this sock as I want. I'm also working on a
Diagonal Baby Blanket for a friend that has requested another one for her older baby, so I feel obligated to give this more attention than what I have been. The Diagonal Baby Blanket is very easy & very simple and therein lays the problem. I get bored rather quickly, so I return back to the socks which are a challenge, a fun one. The baby blanket is done completely in garter st. I have never been intrigued by garter st., however, I am intrigued by the Baby Surprise Jacket.

A lot of my favorite bloggers have been working on the BSJ:



Lizzie and Lizzie's BSJ

Another reason that I haven't been able to get too caught up on my knitting is that i have been fascinated with what everyone one else has been doing on their blogs. Thanks to Google Reader I've been spending a lot more time reading than knitting these days.

As soon as I get the baby blanket done & the toe-up socks done, I think I'll order a copy of the BSJ pattern & give it a try.

Happy Knitting!

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Joansie said...

Deb, you don't have to wait till a project is completed to post about it. WIP (works in progress) are also interesting and keeps us wanting more.

You've been working at your blog and it looks very nice! I must do the same but never enough time!

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!