Saturday, April 19, 2008

Toe-Up Socks

I'm still on a sock-knitting adventure. Maybe it's because

they're so versatile. Socks can be done on DPN's, 2-Cirs, the

Magic-Loop, and they can be knitted from the cuff down or

from the toe-up. There's so many yarns from which to

choose from, even yarns that that do the fair-isle thing all by

itself. How cool is that?

My first socks were baby socks done on metal DPN's. I

hated it, because DPN's & I don't play nicely together, but I

did want to learn to knit socks. So, my first pair of socks for

myself were done on 2-Cirs. I used Cat Bordhi's book,

Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles . <a



but I had to have a lot help from my blogging friends.

This was just the just the beginning. Since then, I've been

exploring knitting socks on the the Magic Loop and I have

been diligently trying to figure out how to do socks from the

toe up. I've been working on this for weeks. The

problem? I just can't seem to get the hang of the

"Provisional Cast-On". It was enough to make think that I

was never going to knit toe-up socks!

I was born determined! I tried & I tried & I practiced & I

practiced toe-up socks. I tried all sorts cast-on methods and

I finally got the hang of the Turkish Cast-On:



made-easier-turkish-cast-on.html"> and I use the a

Knit Pick Needle for the cable to hold my "live sts."

But, my toe-up sock experience didn't stop here. I

discovered that I just didn't like the general appearance of

the way the toes looked with all the increases involved in

achieving the toe. My problem was, I knew how I wanted

my toe to look, but I didn't know how to get there.

THEN.....with the help of my of my <span

style="font-style:italic;">Sock Wizard Software I

tried the "Turned Toe" method for the toe. Cat Bordhi also

has a pattern for the Turned Toe in her book, but it's a little

different. I really like this way of working the toe, because

by the time you've completed the turned toe, all of your

shaping & increasing is done & you're ready to start knitting

in the round.

In a wild moment, I bought some new yarn : Fortissima

Socka AND Bamboo Double-Pointed Needles! This Yarn is

yummy & these needles are great! So far, so good!

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