Thursday, April 24, 2008

Take Your Child to Work Day

I'm taking my youngest DD to the Dr. for a check-up today, so that she can enter into the next grade level, so I guess I'll get to squeeze some knitting time in while in the waiting room. This is where I have been able to get some quality knitting accomplished.

I told DD that she wasn't going to go to school day, because of her appt., & DD told me that it was OK for her to miss school today, because "It's Take Your Child to Work Day". Then, she got this impish grin on her face & said, "I guess this means that I get to stay home with you and do what you on the computer, cook dinner & Knit!" That sounds like a plan to me!

But seriously....I want to make this into a good day for her and I, after all, she may have to get some of her immunizations updated! She's not to going to be a happy camper. And, I do want to show her that I do more around the house than "play on the computer, cook dinner & knit." So, after her appt., I just might take her for some lunch for some mother & daughter quality time, then, when we get home, I'll show her how to create Power Point slides. I do this for my hubby's work. This ought to give her a little jump-start on the other kids when she gets into the next grade. When I was a kid in school, we took typing class, now days, the kids take "key-boarding" or "applications class" and they learn all about using an office program & different things on the computer. With my luck though, she'll already know about Power Point presentations.

Then, we'll cook her favorite dinner of lemon chicken & rice together, and, oh yeah.....we'll knit together. Maybe she will want to learn how to purl. Yep, sounds like a plan.


Dianne said...

Really like to read about your toe up socks. I just started making socks. I took a class on the 2Circs and just fell in love! I'm making some for family now. I will have to try toe up one of these days as I have 2 pair that are awaiting the 'kirchener' stitch, which I have no clue as to how to even begin! Keep on bloggin about your socks. They are an inspiration to me!

Denise said...

lemon chicken? will you share your recipe?
thank you!
Denise, who years ago, also took her daughter to work with her - to the bible study I was leading, to the laundry heaping, and the dinner-to-be waiting. ;-)

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