Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Un-Knitting and Un-Blogging

I haven't done much knitting or blogging lately. Life keeps getting in the way. It's not like I haven't done any knitting at all, but just the opposite. I knit a little, then I rip it out. I start something, then I rip it out. I pick old projects and start to knit, then I lose interest and put it down. Get the idea? I've been Un-knitting.

So, since I haven't been able to finish things....I haven't been able to blog about them either, so I have been Un-Blogging.

I hope that I'm not jumping around too much, but I do have some things on the ol' knitting needles.

1. I have a white cardigan that I don't want to talk about or think about. It might end up in the frog pond when my mom isn't looking. (My mom says, "Finished what you started.")

2. A toddler sweater.

3. One (1) sock in dark blue....longing for a mate.

4. Pink Ribbon Socks: It took me forever to find the perfect pink yarn and now it sits.

5. Current project: A hooded baby blanket knitted on the diagonal. It's coming along, but not much of a challenge, because it's all garter st. A friend wanted another one of these. I did take the time & knit up several baby blanket swatch samples, but she wants the blanket in garter st. It makes for great knitting while watching TV or............spending 14 hrs. in the ER w/a loved one. (That's another story.)

6. Another current project: a toe-up sock. I try to work on this when I've had enough of working on the baby blanket.

The toe-up sock will have to be saved for upcoming blog, because I have never done a sock from the toe up & it's become such a challenge! I'm not happy w/the general appearance of the toe, so I have ripped it out so many times that I've had to cut the yarn & find a good spot to start knitting it again. More un-knitting. (Sigh)

I'm still getting used to how to use this blog. But, you have to use to get use to it, but I haven't been knitting. I am so glad to see so many old friends here from my previous blog.

So, I guess I better get busy and stop my Un-doing things.


Joansie said...

Welcome to Blogger. You will feel more comfortable here with none of the Yahoo headaches. Blog about anything, we'll listen, read, respond, etc. Hmmmm...I didn't make your "favorite bloggers"! Oh yes, the white sweater has such a legacy now that you can't possibly visit the frog pond with it. Is that enough guilt for one!

Joansie said...

OMG...I'm having an identity crisis. Yes, I am on your favorite blogger list. I forgot that I am now "Knitting By The Ocean". On that note, I am going to be quiet while I'm still ahead.

Crete said...

You write very well.

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!