Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cat Bordhi Strikes Again!

Did I mention that I am very determined? Especially when it comes to knitting! I never thought that I would get the hang of socks......now look at me....I'm hooked!

So the other day, I was scouring the internet looking at all sorts of patterns & I kept finding all these sock patterns that were done from the sock up. It seemed to be ashame that I was going to have to disregard them just because of my cast-on deficient? So I did another search for provisional cast-on & Cat Bordhi's name caught my eye! She's the inventor/creator of knitting socks on 2-cirs. Well, leave it to her to figure out a way to knit socks on 2-cirs from the toe-up and leave it to her to figure out her own way to work a provisional cast-on using 2-cirs! She uses one of the cables from a circular needle instead of using a piece of waste yarn.

Guess what!?? I got it!

Stay tuned for posting about these socks.
I used Bordhi's cast-on method from this pattern:



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the info. You know how much I love Cat Bordhi (took her workshop, remember?) None of her socks ever have a ribbed cuff. I am going to take a look at your link as I often knit items needing a provisional cast on. Congrats for the find and the accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a blast learning new things? I have the first Cat Bohrdi book, and currently I am using the Queen Kauhuna book, Crazy Heels and Toes, with is very detailed. I am finding that I much prefer to knit both socks at the very same time, it keeps me from losing where the first sock is, something that happens to me way too often, and it keeps me on track with all my increases and decreases as I can't follow a set pattern for my cuff size.

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