Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Working on Socks

One of my 360 friends mentioned about having 10 unfinished projects, so that inspired to blog about what I've been doing.

Last week, my new sock yarn arrived in the mail. I had order 3 different colors. One skein was 150 gr. and the other 2 skeins were 50 gr. each. I soon figured out that I was going to need more yarn in the smaller skeins in order to complete my socks, so I promptly ordered more yarn. I was so eager to get started & I didn't want to have to wait until the other yarn arrived, after all...I had already waited long enough....about 5 days! OK.....some things I'm patient about & some things I'm not.

So being the creative, eager, impatient sort of person that I am....I cast on with 1 of the smaller skeins & completed 1 basic sock knitted in a ribbed pattern, then I cast on with the other small skein of yarn & started anther sock, but this has been my first sock that has a design in it. I'm having so much fun! Someone did warn me that knitting socks was addicting! (I didn't listen.)

My other order of yarn should be arriving soon & then I will have 2 different sets of socks to show you & blog about. Stayed tuned.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are having so much fun knitting socks. It's quite the addiction. I belong to the SSS club on Yahoo...the "Single Sock Syndrome" site. I think I have five single socks waiting for mates....lol. You are on your way there also, I think...lol.

Anonymous said...

I wanna see your yarn!!! I took pics so you can see the socks with the heels and toes different colors; go to my blogger blog and look around. www.bobbissocksblatherings.blogspot.com

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