Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Journey in Learning to Knit Socks

When I first thought about sock knitting, I thought that it was just way too much work for something so small, something so incidental. Then, one day, I thought I would like to give it a try, I mean how hard could it be?

One of the reasons that I had stayed away from knitting socks was DPN’s. I really dislike them a lot, but I had seen things on line & from other’s blogs about knitting socks on 2-Cirs or knitting socks by means of the Magic Loop . So, I thought that I was up for something new, so I ordered Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi

This book proved to be a point of frustration for me, because I was able to grasp the concept of knitting in the round on 2-Cirs, I was unable to understand how to create a sock. There was a lot of terminology in Bordhi’s book that I was very unfamiliar with like gusset, instep, “knitting in profile”, etc. And…I certainly didn’t understand about rearranging the sts. around for working on the heel of the sock. I ended up hanging up my needles & my sock yarn for awhile.

It was about this time that I started my 360 Blog and one of my first friends were Joansie &

Lizzie . They are great friends & great sock knitters. Like any other good knitter, I wasn’t going to be undaunted by a knitting challenge. I joined Yahoo’s First Time Socknitters: and Yahoo Magic Loop: . Both of these groups & all of my 360 Friends have been a tremendous encouragement to me.

My husband also got me some sock knitting software for Christmas a couple of years ago: . This is wonderful software. It has a lot of ideas for socks, 4DPN, 5DPN & 2-Cir and all different types of heels & toe designs. But, I still was not satisfied with the way my heels looks on my socks. This software doesn’t work the socks in profile or by rearranging the sts. around the need for the heel & the gusset. There seems to be two schools o f thought on this; some say that that it doesn’t matter if the socks are knitted in profile or if the sts. are rearranged, because the how come is all the same. I disagree & I happen to like the way the heel looks when the sts. have been rearranged on the needles. It seemed that the only way I could achieve the kind of heel that I wanted was to do the socks via DPN’s

While I was recuperating from my burn injuries & my skin graft surgery, (please see previous post), I sat down with Silver’s Sock Tutorial: & a set of double points & I worked & worked on understanding the anatomy of a sock & the rearranging of the sts. on the needles. I would knit about an inch of the cuff, then I would move onto the heel flap & the heel turn. Remember, I hate working w/DPN’s, so I was eager to learn this steps & move on & apply it to my knitting socks via 2-Cirs or the Magic Loop (ML).

Well, I’m happy to say, mission accomplished! I got the hang of it now! I now know how to knit sock heels that way that I like on both 2-Cirs & ML!


Anonymous said...

Deb, you've done a great job with your socks and have come a long way. Thanks for the nice compliments. Yes, I always enjoy all the fun knitting things you purchase or receive as gifts. What fun! You haven't mentioned the progress on your burns lately. All is ok?

Anonymous said...

I am really impressed with how far you have come in such a short time in sock knitting. You sound so much like me, i too got all the books (way, way too many) and when I do the socks cuff down, and the traditional heel flap, I actually revert to the DPs for a while. Generaaly I use the ML method but for years I used the 2 circular method; LOL, I bought the Cat Bohrdi book then it confused me as I was doing my heels all differntly; I keep my instep my instep, and my heel, the heel, going into the sole on separate stitches; that in profile stuff doesn't fly with me. I like what I like and I have large legs and swollen ankles so like the idea of what works for me, works for me. I do like the patterns in the Cat B. book though. Don't forget to use comfrey leaf compresses for your horrible burns, it makes a big difference in healing time. Take care, and glad to see it didn't stop your knitting.

Anonymous said...

LOL, sorry, I REALLY do know how to spell; I was on the phone while I was typing. Sorry for the misspellings.

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