Saturday, December 29, 2007

Knitting on hold

My knitting & blogging will be on hold for a while. I was visiting family out of town & I was trying to help my MIL by baking the pumpkin pies. Well, while taking them out of the oven, I slipped & fell w/the HOT pies.

I suffered 1st degree burns to my face & 2nd & 3rd degree burns to my hands & forearms. I spent Christmas Eve & part of Christmas day in the trauma/burn unit.

I have the most caring children in the world! They took care of me in the time of crisis & the waited to open their gifts until I was discharged from the hosp.

The doctors have encouraged me to use my hands as much as possible. Yes! Knit & get back to the computer! The bandages do slow me down a little. The pain in manageable w/OTC meds. I thank the Lord for this!