Saturday, December 08, 2007

Holiday Busyness

I've been so busy w/all the holiday decorating & shopping & stuff & life in general. This doesn't leave much time for knitting or blogging about it.

Things that I love about Christmas. Decorations & baking. I have some favorite ornaments that bring back a lot of wonderful memories. I love to make pizelles & I love to make fudge w/my family.

I love some Christmas TV programs/movies. My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas. In fact, I love old movies! Sometimes, I think that I was born in the wrong era, but then again....I wouldn't have the Internet & all this contact w/my friends & family, esp.; my knitting friends. Or, all this access to all these wonderful (free) knitting patterns.

Speaking of the Internet....Yahoo! has been giving me fits. It keeps telling me that I'm no longer signed in & I just signed in. What a headache!

Things that I dislike about this time of year. The busyness of Christmas. It's so hard to enjoy it when you're kept so busy. Just my opinion here, but I sure could do without certain commercials that are on TV right now. I especially detest the "Duh!" car advertisement. (The Hyundai Big Duh Holiday Commercials). I hate that expression...Duh! If my kids want to set me off real fast, this is all that they have to say.

Well, I need to shopping that is. I really should start knitting Christmas gifts in January, so maybe I can be ready in time. LOL! I feel a New Year's Resolution coming on.......more knitting....more yarn in 2008!