Saturday, November 03, 2007

Concerns about 360 addressed

I went in search of some answers:

Yahoo! 360 Team
The 360° Transition - Answers to some of your questions

Crayon-Like Knitting Needles!

OK…I admit it….as a kid, I had a fixation for new crayons….now that fixation has transferred to knitting needles! Now….I am experiencing a type of euphoria of some kind….knitting needles that have the colors of crayons!

Yes! My new Harmony Needles have finally arrived from Knit Picks! (

They are everything that I expected them to be. Smooth, light-weight & sharp-tips. They are a real pleasure to work with! I’ve been in a knitting slump lately, so I decided to cast-on for the Monthly KAL for Nov.; just to get me jump started again. My size 8 (US) needles didn’t come today, but if they had, then I would have gotten right back to working on my sweater. I am really pleased w/my new purchase. I just ordered some new tips to go w/my KnitPicks Options and not the whole Harmony set. I thought I would start out slow. Ha!

Here’s a photo via my scanner. The kids walked off w/the digital camera again, so I had to use the scanner.

Christmas is coming……new digital camera?, new needles?, new yarn? Decisions. Decisions.