Friday, May 11, 2007

Practice sock, baby sock

Finally! I did it! I knitted my first sock!'s a baby sock. I'm taking baby steps. This has been adventure in learning new things!

A while back I had the desire to learn to knit a sock on 2-Cirs. So, I went on line & I ordered a sock kit, complete w/sock yarn, size 1 needles & Cat Bordlhi's book, Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles.

Well, I started out great. Knitting in the round on 2-cirs wasn't a problem. I found it a lot easier than double-pointed needles (DPN's). But, when it came time for moving the sts. all around so to create a place to work a heel & then a gusset....well, that was a different story. I had no idea what to do. I just couldn't get my mind wrapped around how it was all going to come together. I was getting very discouraged & frustrated.

So, then, I had the bright idea of baby steps. Nobody starts out learning to knit by making a sweater or an afghan, or do they? So...I thought that I would try a baby sock, but all I could find was pattens for 2 straight needles or patterns for baby socks on DPNs. OK....I hated DPNs, but I thought if I could just learn the basics. A baby sock is a small scale of a regular sock. Less sts., less rows, etc.

The DPN's were really a challenge, especially, joining the sts., so that I could begin to knit in the round. Once I finally got the sts. (all 24 sts. of them) on the DPN's, & tried knitting on them.......I began to re-think about knitting socks. I mean, I've gone this long without knowing how to knit a sock, I could go on not knowing how, right?

My family says that I'm bull-headed. Yes, I am. I worked & worked on the sock, & since it was baby sock, I didn't have to jump too deeply into the frog pond, but I did jump in several times.

I learned to knit a sock on DPN's, & I learned how to do the Kitchner Stitch for the toe. Both are first for this long time knitter.

I did the sock in worsted wt. yarn on # 6 DPN's. Since it was just for practice, I wasn't concerned with gauge. I used variegated yarn, because that's what I grabbed from my stash & I discovered that variegated yarn is very good for hiding imperfections.

So...maybe now....I am ready to try some more socks...either on DPN's or 2-Cirs, I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

An attempt at socks

Now that I have some other major knitting projects completed, I'm back at attempting to knit socks using 2-Cirs.

I'm still stuck at the same place that I always seem to get stuck at. I did the leg, the heel flap and the heel turn. Now comes"picking up Gusset Stitches". Like....what's a gusset??? It must be important.

So the heel flap is done, now what? I'm supposed knit or maybe pick up sts. "along the heel flap."

Then, "In the intersection of the heel flap and instep, pick up a stitch." (instep??? This is another important part of the puzzle. Ha!) I'm so lost!

I know how to pick up sts.along an edge, but I don't have a clue what to do after I have them picked up. I'm at the mercy of my knitting friends. Maybe....I never will become addicted to sock knitting, but I will get these done. I don't like to have a pattern that will get the better of me. Hopefully, I can get to my LYS for some much needed help.

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