Saturday, December 29, 2007

Knitting on hold

My knitting & blogging will be on hold for a while. I was visiting family out of town & I was trying to help my MIL by baking the pumpkin pies. Well, while taking them out of the oven, I slipped & fell w/the HOT pies.

I suffered 1st degree burns to my face & 2nd & 3rd degree burns to my hands & forearms. I spent Christmas Eve & part of Christmas day in the trauma/burn unit.

I have the most caring children in the world! They took care of me in the time of crisis & the waited to open their gifts until I was discharged from the hosp.

The doctors have encouraged me to use my hands as much as possible. Yes! Knit & get back to the computer! The bandages do slow me down a little. The pain in manageable w/OTC meds. I thank the Lord for this!


Anonymous said...

OM Goodness, I'm so glad that you're on the mend it it wasn't more serious. Many prayers for a speedy and COMPLETE recovery. Be careful with the fibers and your burns so nothing else happens to them. Best wishes for the new year.

glorm1 said...

Oh, no, so sorry to hear of your troubles. Hope you heal quickly. Guess you have to do as the doctor ordered and use those hands as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Deb, I'm so sorry you were burnt. It sounds so painful. Let those great kids pamper you. Please keep us posted on how you are feeling.

Anonymous said...

Deb, I'm so sorry to hear of your accident. I suppose the hot pie filling went all over you. Yikes that hurts. Keep getting better and cyberhugs to you (and they don't hurt). Renate

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