Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hats/Caps Using the Magic Loop Method

I recently became intrigued w/the Magic Loop Method of knitting. Currently, I'm working on socks, but have set them down so that I could work on a skull cap for my teenage son.

I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn & size 7 (US) needles (Knit Picks Options). I used this Pattern called the London Beanie:

I loved the way that it turned out, but I wasn't too sure if my son would be all that impressed ....he wasn't. He is "too cool' to wear something "handmade'. I ended up frogging the original London Beanie, because it just didn't fit my son. I hope that I don't sound like George Lopez's mama here, but my son does have a big head. LOL! So, I started over with the beanie & I added about 10 more sts. & a few more rows. It fits, but I still don't think that he's going to wear it any time soon.

Now, I working on the Mushroom Cap: I'm using the same yarn & the magic loop method again. I really like this for hats, because I don't have to fool w/switching to DPN's when working on the decreased sts. for the crown. I was on a sock kick, but now I'm on a hat kick, because it's so much fun and these patterns don't require a lot of concentration. It makes for great knitting while watching TV or visiting w/friends & family.


Anonymous said...

Great hats! Don't tell your son that it is My younger daughter is the same way at times and she's an adult now. I just realized that Yahoo is not always alerting me when you have posted a blog so I just caught up. New digital camera........whohoooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

My teenage son is the same way. Just this past week I showed him a beenie/skull hat I wanted to make him and he started laughing at me and said I was a dork for I do love the hat..I have not learned the magic loop yet,but I would love to try..

Anonymous said... is a treasure trove of information. The hats are great. Renate

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