Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ramblings on Knitting

Knitting has seemed to take on a whole new life of it’s own within my life. I’ve been knitting off & on since I was about 6 yrs. old. The first thing that I completed was a bib for my baby doll. No pattern, just a lot of knit & purls for the practice. I made a rectangular piece about 4” wide & 6” long. That’s about all that I had patience for at the time. I cast off this little piece knitting with its uneven sts. anxious for it to become something. My mom is the one who had taught me to knit & she lovingly took this little misfit thing & did about 6” of single crochet on 2 corners….and it turned into a bib for my baby dolls! My baby dolls were very messy, don’t you know? Especially, “Little Suzie” (Everly Brothers tune.) She was a very messy baby doll, esp.; when I put chocolate milk in her baby bottle & gave it to her. It took weeks for the sour milk smell to leave her hollow plastic body!

I’ve been able to spend a lot of time w/my mom lately who is now home after almost a yr. in a nursing home. When I visit, I want to do things for her. Take care of her, but this has a tendency to make her nervous, so she will ask me to sit…..and knit. So…we sit and we knit and all is right in the world. Sometimes, we talk & sometimes we don’t.

I’ve been looking & looking at the new Harmony Needles by Knit Picks Options.

I’ve discovered something recently… a kid, I was a new crayon junkie! Well, I discovered that new yarn & new needles gives me the same euphoria as a new box of crayons! I guess that I’ve out-grown my crayons. Now, I “color” w/yarn.

I wore the 2nd pair of socks that I had made & they fit like they were made for me! No problem with the heels this time.


Anonymous said...

Great blog, Deb. I love the story about your mom. I recently told my older daugther, "Someday you'll wish you had taken more time to learn to knit from me." Well, I guess, after reaching my young age 60, she decided she better start learning and now she is addicted also. Congrats on the perfect fitting socks.

Lizzie said...

I'm a crayon junkie, too. Love the smell of them. I do like colrs of yarn, too. Might be some connection all right!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a story about my cousin's little girl. She apparently had tinkled while sitting on the living room floor and playing with her dollie. When her mother came in she took her dollie, turned her around and smacked her on the bottom saying "naughty dollie." Smart kid. She's been an adult for a number of years and I have lost touch with her since she lives in Germany. Glad your socks fit. Isn't it a wonderful feeling? Renate

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