Friday, September 14, 2007

Cool enough for socks!

I really don’t like Fall or Winter weather. I’ve always have been a Spring-Summer kind of person.

About the only good thing that I can say about Autumn & the cooler temperatures… it’s cool enough to wear the socks that I have been knitting! Well, yesterday, I wore the very first pair of socks that I had made. They are blue variegated by Opal yarn. I knew that these socks were a little big, but they were my first socks. This was the first time that they had been worn with shoes & I discovered that the heel is too big. The heel slips up & out of the back of my shoes.

Since making my first pair of socks, I have made 2 more pairs, but a bit smaller, so I will be testing them out w/my shoes.

Just to keep thing interesting…I’m trying to learn (self-experimentation) how to knit socks by means of the Magic Loop method instead of the 2-Cir method that I’ve been doing. Stay tuned for more adventures in sock knitting.

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Anonymous said...

Linda, you are coming along great. Sometimes it takes several pairs of socks to find "the right fit". Have a nice weekend!

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