Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Finally! My First Socks are Finished!

Ahh...I can finally type again. I wrenched my arm something terrible while patting myself on the back. I finally finished my very first pair of socks!

These were done on 2-cirs using Opal yarn. Very soft & oh, so comfortable! I think that these will go perfect w/jeans. I used a very basic pattern that I found from the Internet and I adapted them for 2-Cirs, and I also used the Sock Wizard software that I had gotten for my B-day & Mother's Day. I also had lots & lots of help from my new found friends Joansie & Lizzie. Thanks so much! I also had lots of help from the various on-line knitting groups that I belong to. What did we knitters ever do before the Net?

OK, OK...I know...I've been duly warned: "Sock knitting is addictive!"

Did I listen? Did I heed the warnings???

The answer: NO! I've already started another sock! It's a cotton blend called On-Line & this color is called Summer Beach. I bought this yarn last week...when I knew that I was getting close to finishing my first pair of socks!

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Lizzie said...

Yuuup....another addict! Welcome to the club. You might find this
helpful for future socks! Make copies of the second page and when you perfect a recipe for one or another individul, put their names on and file away for future reference!

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