Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Neighborhood Yarn Store

I belong to several on-line knitting groups & there's been a lot of discussion about the high price of sock yarn. Well, sock knitting on 2-Cirs is my latest endeavor & also one of my biggest challenges right now. I have the basic principle of how to knit on 2-Cirs, that wasn't too bad, but following a basic sock pattern seems to be my major downfall.

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a kit for knitting socks on 2-Cirs. It came w/a book w/several patterns & 2 pairs of Size 1 Cirs & some very fine sock yarn in off-white. I tired & I tired, but I just kept messing up after completing the "pick up sts. for the gusset."

So, I paid a little visit to my neighborhood yarn store, maybe some different yarn, something w/color & maybe some bigger needles would help? Well, it couldn't hurt & I'm determined to get the hang of this sock knitting thing. Now, I've been in this neighborhood yarn store before, but their prices made me turn around & go right back out. This time, I had a different mind set.

I met some wonderful women who were very helpful & I saw lots & lots of beautiful sock yarn, many of it sold in hanks. but I wasn't eager to unwind another hank of yarn. Well, they unwind the yarn for you right in the store! I didn't buy any of that yarn, but I did settle on an Opal yarn in blue denim colors. And, I bought my first set of Addi Turbo needles- Size 2. Very nice. Very similar to Knit Pick Options, but I didn't find the tips as sharp, but I am very satisfied with my purchase. my needles & my yarn did cost a bit more than I wanted to spend, however, the personalized attention & the help that I received was well worth it. The ladies at my neighborhood store told me about their sock knitting class right in the store, but I really don't have the time to do this right now. The ladies told me to work on the sock up to the point where I run into trouble, then come & see them & they will be more than glad to help me. I think that I had made a good investment more ways than one!


Lizzie said...

Have you checked out Silver's Sock Class? Or search for Joan's socks. I found them to be really easy....

Anonymous said...

Opal is my very favorite yarn. Check my blog to see some of the socks I've knitted with Opal. Sock knitting can be easy if you remember to slip stitch that first stitch of each row of the heel. Makes picking up stitches easier and neater. There's also a sock book at there (in the shape of a sock) with some great tips, really great tips that I learned a lot from. If I can help, let me know.

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